Water replaces diesel in Peru | Global Ideas | DW | 22.02.2011
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Global Ideas

Water replaces diesel in Peru

In Peru, micro hydropower plants are supplying clean energy to areas previously dependent on diesel.

Water streaming down a slope (Source: DEG) Fotos von DEG-Projekten. Motiv und Bildrechte gehen aus den Dateinamen hervor; falls nicht, liegen die Bildrechte bei der DEG. Bei Fragen stehe ich Ihnen gern zur Verfügung. Freundliche Grüße Anja Strautz

Project goal: Replacing diesel-powered electricity with clean energy in rural parts of Peru
Project scale: 43 micro-hydropower plants to supply electricity for 4,000 people in the Cajamarca region
Project costs: Around 65,000 euros per plant

According to international studies, Peru is among the countries hardest hit by climate change. The general population regularly struggles with the fall-out from natural disasters, water shortages and agricultural degradation. But experts believe that there is substantial potential for gaining electricity from hydropower in the South American country – which already depends on hydropower stations for 60 percent of its electricity. The percentage could be even higher, were the more remote parts of the country not off-grid. One solution could be micro-hydropower plants – and one development aid organization is helping locals install them in the Peruvian outback.

A film by Michael Altenhenne

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Micro hydropower in Peru

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