Walter Krämer, Economic Scientist | guest list | DW | 28.03.2014
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guest list

Walter Krämer, Economic Scientist

It is sometimes said only believe in statistics that you have doctored yourself. That's a motto that Walter Krämer, Professor for economic and social statistics, would certainly sign up to as well.

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Walter Krämer, Economic Scientist

Another one of his hobby horses is making sure that the German language doesn't become irrecognizable through too many anglicisms. Krämer is also a passionate fan of Bundesliga soccer club Dortmund, so there's no shortage of things to discuss on Talking Germany.

Walter Krämer can use figures to prove everything – or indeed the opposite. He teaches his students and readers of his books on popular science how statistics are used to deceive us, and how to see through these tricks. Walter Krämer is not just a champion of statistics, however. In 1997 he founded the Verein Deutsche Sprache, which aims to increase public awareness of the use – and abuse – of the German language. It now has over 36,000 members in 120 countries. Krämer and his associates see the language as being under threat from Anglicisms; every year they announce the award for “linguistic adulteration”. Krämer triggered further controversy in 2012 when he started a campaign critical of the German government’s eurozone bailout policy, signed by more than 280 university lecturers and professors; the key demand was that instead of crisis-hit banks being rescued with taxpayers' money, any losses should be covered by their creditors.
Walter Krämer has been a professor at Dortmund’s Technical University since 1988. His fondness for that city also includes his love of the soccer club Borussia Dortmund, of which he is a fan and shareholder.

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