Vlogs-Series: Young Journalists show their crossmedia-education | Media Development | DW | 15.11.2016
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Media Development

Vlogs-Series: Young Journalists show their crossmedia-education

These young reporters from all over the world produce multimedia stories using skills they learned at DW Akademie workshops. Learn more about them here and listen to their upcoming plans.

With our digital strategy Akademie Beta we commit to enabling people to freely communicate in the digital world and skillfully navigate digital transformation. As part of our digital strategy we develop crossmedia training models that combine theory and practice together with our partners. We will train media professionals who thrive in the digital world and who are at the forefront of innovation.

1. "As a crossmedial journalist I mostly use my mobile phone"

Age: 22
Country: Georgia
Education: Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University
Twitter: @Mchanturidze
Music credit: CrumbSnatchers - Rubituckin


2. "I want to test the limits of mobile reporting"

Age: 26
Country: Namibia
Eductaion: Technische Universität Dresden
Twitter: @jaskenraider
Music credit: Alexander Blue Man with long hair


3. "Making articles more readable"

Country: Tajikistan
Education: Tajik National University
Twitter: @Mahastiid
Music credit: Seastock - Runaway_Heart


4. "I am a digital native"

Age: 28
Country: Bolivia
Education: "Pro Periodismo"- Fundación para el Periodismo
Twitter: @Rodolfohuallpa
Music credit: Denis Bonfa-Latino Rock


5. "Want to come with me? Let's got!"

Age: 26, 27, 25 
Country: Germany 
Education: DW Akademie's Traineeship 
Twitter: @AmienChicago @DanielBellut @mgraciela_moran 
Music credit: DanyVin-Crazy Marten

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