Visibility for the Vulnerable: The Face of Humanity on the Move in Search of a Livelihood | Program | DW | 19.03.2013
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Visibility for the Vulnerable: The Face of Humanity on the Move in Search of a Livelihood

Monday, 17 June 2013, 4:00 p.m., Room C

A woman cleans dishes at Manchar Lake, the biggest shallow water natural lake of Pakistan in Hyderabad, 16 March 2007. Pakistan's largest freshwater lake faces an ecological disaster which is endangering the livelihoods of more than 100,000 fishermen and causing disease and death. 'Coping with Water Scarcity' is the theme for World Water Day 2007, which is celebrated each year on 22 March, this year's theme highlights the increasing significance of water scarcity worldwide and the need for increased integration and cooperation to ensure sustainable, efficient and equitable management of scarce water resources, both at international and local levels. EPA/NADEEM KHAWER +++(c) dpa - Bildfunk+++

Hosted by SIGNIS

Human beings have been on the move, fleeing deprivation and in search of a livelihood since the earliest moments of our history. Such movements of peoples always involve encounters, tension, conflicting resource needs and even violent clashes. Yet it is these same movements that have engendered inter-cultural encounter, exchange and growth of knowledge, art, science, and the development of modern civilizations.

As we face a global economic crisis, and focus on economic stimulation, this panel will examine the drive for economic growth from another perspective. The many facets of migration are increasingly at the top of the political agenda and the media play a huge and influential role in shaping the way in which issues linked to migration are discussed. The media can have a positive impact on the debate by revealing the truth behind the statistics. Too often, however, they contribute to a climate of opinion which relies on easy stereotypes and half-truths. Within the wider context of finding economic solutions, the panel will explore and question how the media portray the images of some of the most vulnerable members of humanity today.

The media's responsibility to visibility for the vulnerable includes highlighting the struggles and challenges of migrants, victims of trafficking, refugees and other marginalized groups. The workshop will consider how media professionals and institutions can improve their practices so that vulnerable voices are heard and faces seen and so that they are portrayed and reported in the media as accurately and truthfully as possible.


McDonnell, Dr. Jim
Director of Development, World Catholic Association for Communication (SIGNIS), London, United Kingdom


Brumat, Lori
Head of Communications at the International Catholic Migration Commission in Geneva, Switzerland

Kesawathany Arukesamy, Karen
Journalist, The Sun, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Rich, Larry
Media Producer and Writer, New York, USA

Suzina, Anna Cristina
Journalist, Brussels, Belgium

Complete session on soundcloud:

WS11 - Visibility for the Vulnerable - The Face of Humanity on the Move in Search