Virtual reality for all | Shift - Living in the Digital Age | DW | 28.03.2016
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Virtual reality for all

The first virtual-reality headsets will be making their market debut throughout 2016. Hardware and software developers are working feverishly on new applications for them.

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Virtual-reality pioneer Oculus Rift is to be the first to release its VR headset. Now, companies are rushing to develop products for the virtual 3D worlds. One is Icaros in Munich. Their new fitness device combines a controller fitted with sensors, a VR headset and an app to go with it. It's meant to become the home workout station of the 21st century. Trillenium of London is developing three-dimensional showrooms for shops that allow customers to peruse virtual shelves and stands and to examine products in 3D without ever leaving home. Facebook, too, is working hard on ways to allow its users to network through virtual worlds.