Viewer Survey | People and Politics | DW | 09.08.2005
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People and Politics

Viewer Survey

At the end of last year, we sent around 1000 questionnaires to our viewers to find out who they are and what they think. One in three replied. Three respondents were picked and have won DW watches.


“People and Politics” sent out 1108 questionnaires in German and English to viewers on all six continents. All of them had replied to the programme´s “Question of the Week” at least once, or sent in their comments via eMail. 369 viewers – roughly one in three – answered the questionnaire, a small sample from a wide spectrum.

Over half of those asked watch DW-TV every day, a further third watch the channel several times a week.

Almost 90 percent of those polled watch our weekly magazine “People and Politics” several times a month.


Just one fifth of those who responded to our questionnaire were women, so a large majority of the programme´s viewers are male. Around half the respondents have jobs and a university qualification. One in ten are still in education.

The responses we received came from 86 different countries, including places like Afghanistan, Mozambique, Paraguay and Belarus. Here is the breakdown of viewers by continent:

Politik Aktuell Zuschauerumfrage 28.05.2004 englisch


“People and Politics” is broadcast in German, English and in a subtitled Arabic version. 54 % of our respondents watch the programme in German. For one in four of those, German is not their mother tongue. 36 % watch the English version of the programme, even though three quarters of them have a different native language. 1% watches the subtitled Arabic version.


We also wanted to know what issues our viewers find particularly interesting. German foreign policy was top of the list for our respondents, closely followed by interior affairs. The more often a viewer watches the programme, the more interested he or she becomes in Germany´s domestic issues. One in ten viewers were very interested in the more colourful or humourous side of our political coverage.


369 viewers took part in our survey. With three specially-designed DW watches up for grabs, we picked three names out of a hat. Here are the winners.

Congratulations to:

Martin Klinger, from Paraguay
Mohammad Farid, from Afghanistan
Raija Ollikainen, from Finland

Many thanks to all those who kindly took part in our survey. We look forward to our next opinion poll, which we´re planning for the end of this year.

And don´t forget: comments, ideas and criticism are always welcome.

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