Vienna Schnitzel with potato salad | Beef and Pork | DW | 28.10.2004
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Beef and Pork

Vienna Schnitzel with potato salad

49 year-old Reinhard Gerer is Austria's most famous chef. He's been awarded 4 Gault Millau hats and one Michelin star. The Corso restaurant chef took time off to show us how to prepare a perfect Wiener Schnitzel.


euromaxx a la carte 21.10.2004

Serves four

4 slices of veal, each around 150 g
1 egg
white breadcrumbs to coat
salt, oil

For the salad:
500 g. waxy potatoes
1 red onion
salt, pepper, sugar, wine vinegar, oil
1 teaspoon of tarragon mustard
1 bunch of chives

To make the salad:
Peel the onion and chop finely. Wash and boil the potatoes. While still warm, peel and cut into slices. Mix with a marinade of vinegar, oil, sugar, mustard, salt, pepper and onions and taste to suit. In Vienna, the salad is slightly sweet ... decorate with chopped chives before serving.

Wrap the veal slices in clingfilm before tenderising carefully. Do not damage the fibres of the meat by piercing them.

Season the veal, coat in flour, shake off any superfluous flour. Then brush with beaten egg before coating in breadcrumbs.

Fry in plenty of hot oil until golden, shaking the pan frequently while frying. This makes the coating rise, giving the cutlet its traditional wave-like structure. Be careful not to pierce the meat when turning.

Drain on kitchen paper before serving. Serve with warm potato salad.