Videos worth watching from this year′s re:publica conference | #mediadev | DW | 26.05.2017
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Videos worth watching from this year's re:publica conference

Take a look at compelling sessions on media development issues held at re:publica, the annual conference on digital culture that took place in May in Berlin.

Here are #mediadev's picks from this year's re:publica web conference:


Restructuring the Global Power Paradigm through Open Source
The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals embrace access to ICT, to data and to information. Panelists argue that open source solutions are indispensable if we're to harness technology's full potential to meet these goals.



Future. Future! Future? Technology worldwide – between utopia and dystopia
Five speakers give an overview of how to exploit the digital revolution for development.






Internet Shutdowns: why bother when you can just kill it?
The number of Internet shutdowns is constantly rising. Technology lawyer and activist Mishi Choudhary analyses this disturbing trend.




Access all areas - Independent Internet Infrastructures in Brazil, India and South Africa
How can people in rural areas get access to the Internet? Three initiatives from three countries present their approaches.






Online Radicalization – Myths and Reality
Peter Neumann, a scholar on radicalization, discusses online extremism and how social media became a tool for jihadists.





Yes, I said cyber. Digital security and rights in international development cooperation
ICT projects in development cooperation often produce platforms, infrastructure and masses of personal data. Cyber security has only been a marginal issue in this respect, but as panelists discuss, ignoring it carries a number of serious risks.


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