Vickie Remoe′s story | Africa | DW | 07.02.2014

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Vickie Remoe's story

Africa has many stories – like Vickie Remoe, a media maven in Ghana running a start up. She is just one of the people representing Africa on the rise.

Vickie Remoe is a young African entrepreneur, activist and blogger who is currently making a name for herself in West Africa. Remoe grew up in Freetown, Sierra Leone. She left in 1997 to study in the United States, earning a Bachelor’s degree in political science from Haverford College in Pennsylvania. In 2007 she returned to Sierra Leone and started a media production company called How4do, developing communications strategies for different government and corporate interests. In 2011 she went back to the United States and earned a master’s degree from Colombia University Graduate School of Journalism. After graduating in 2012 she returned to Africa to put her communication and business skills to use.

She is currently based in Accra, Ghana and has started a media and corporate communications business called Vickie Remoe & Co. with the goal of expanding across the West African region. She has recently started publishing a magazine for African women called Go Woman that is distributed in Ghana, Sierra Leone and Liberia. Their goal in five years is for the magazine to be available in every Anglophone West African country. She also produces a blog called Swit Salone that covers a wide range of issues in Sierra Leone. Remoe was a panelist at the annual Harvard Business School Africa Business Conference in 2012 and the Wharton Africa Business Forum in 2011. She is also the host of the Vickie Remoe Show which covers a variety of African cultural topics and women’s issues.