Vettel airs gripes over Formula One rule changes | Sports| German football and major international sports news | DW | 10.12.2013
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Vettel airs gripes over Formula One rule changes

Formula One World Champion Sebastian Vettel has slammed a rule change awarding double points in the last race of future seasons. The driver argued that the move would only punish those who work hard to build up a lead.

The four-time champion on Tuesday described the change of rules - announced by the sport's governing body FIA to keep the competition more open - as "absurd."

His comments came after the Formula One strategy group decided on Monday to double the number of points up for grabs in the final race "in order to maximize focus on the championship until the end of the campaign."

But, speaking to the German magazine Sport-Bild on Wednesday, Vettel suggested the decision went against the traditions of Formula One.

"I respect old traditions in the Formula One and I don't understand the new rule," Vettel said, making a comparison between motorsport and soccer. "Imagine if there were suddenly double points in the final round of the Bundesliga."

"This is absurd and punishes those who have worked hard for a whole season."

The fact that 50 points rather than just 25 will be awarded to the winner of next season's final, the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, makes it less likely that the title will be decided early.

Even if the rule change had been in place this season, Vettel would have had no worries in the final race, having won with thee races to spare. He finished the season in Brazil on 397 points, compared with nearest rival Fernando Alonso's 242.

Other changes approved unanimously by the strategy group included a team spending cap, to be introduced from 2015, and new five-second penalties for minor infringements during races.

Meanwhile on Tuesday, Vettel's spokeswoman confirmed that the 26-year-old Red Bull driver and his long-term girlfriend Hanna Prater were expecting their first child.

rc/hc (AP, Reuters)