Van slams into Dutch newspaper HQ in ′deliberate attack′ | News | DW | 26.06.2018
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Van slams into Dutch newspaper HQ in 'deliberate attack'

There may be a connection with a motorcycle gang suspected of using a rocket launcher to attack another newspaper's offices. Dutch daily De Telegraaf said it would not be intimidated.

A minibus crashed into the Amsterdam head office of the Netherlands' largest newspaper by circulation, then burst into flames early on Tuesday in what police said was likely a deliberate act.

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Offices of Dutch newspaper rammed by bus

The white minivan crashed into the façade of De Telegraaf building on the outskirts of Amsterdam at 4:00 am (02:00 UTC). A suspect then fled the blazing vehicle in a dark-colored car, police said. No one was injured. 

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The newspaper's editor-in-chief, Paul Jansen, spoke of a "deliberate attack."

"We will not be intimidated," he said on local radio.

There is speculation that the attack on De Telegraaf may be connected with another last Thursday, in which an anti-tank weapon was used against a building housing a weekly newspaper in the same area. No one was hurt. 

De Telegraaf's crime reporter Mick van Wely made the same connection on Twitter, writing: "Attack on the Telegraaf building. After Pijper Media, now we're affected too." 

Authorities on Friday arrested a 41-year-old male suspect who is a member of the outlawed motorcycle gang Caloh Wagoh MC Main Triad in connection with that attack.

cw/msh (dpa, Reuters)

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