Values for sale – is it time for a new economic approach? | Program | DW | 18.04.2016
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Values for sale – is it time for a new economic approach?

Wednesday, June 15 / Plenary Chamber / 12.00 p.m.

Ending poverty, protecting the planet, ensuring prosperity for all – these are only a few aims of the sustainable development goals set for the next 15 years. Currently however, these goals seem to be further away then ever. Weapons exports continues to dubious states, there is ongoing speculation on food staples and textiles are still produced in factories which barely guarantee the minimum on security and living wages; the poorest countries have had to pay a high price for the prosperity of wealthy nations. Especially because lessons which should be learned from international crises are seemingly ignored.

It’s time to reflect and ask ourselves whether our economic system is to blame for all of these problems. One solution could be for the world's economic giants to implement a universal system of cultural-sensitive policies. But is it even possible to establish economic policies based on ethics? How can we implement responsible and sustainable policies regarding natural resources?

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