USA vs China: A New Cold War? | To the Point | DW | 30.07.2020
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To the Point

USA vs China: A New Cold War?

Consulate closures. Trade war. Military manoeuvres. Tensions continue to rise between the superpowers USA and China. Is it the beginning of a new Cold War? Guests: Qian Sun (freelance journalist), Daniel Hamilton (Johns Hopkins University) and Mareike Ohlberg (sinologist)

Watch video 26:06

Chen Sun, who is a freelance journalist from China. And she argues that: "Cold War is an American narrative and the current tensions are the expression of a dysfunctional world order." 




Mareike Ohlberg is with the Asia Program of the German Marshall Fund. She believes that: "Transatlantic cooperation on China is key. And for it to work, both sides of the Atlantic need to adjust their China strategy." 



Daniel Hamilton from Johns Hopkins University. An academic and former diplomat, Dan thinks: "The competition isn’t China vs America: it’s authoritarianism vs. democracy."