US President Donald Trump′s childhood home listed on Airbnb | Business| Economy and finance news from a German perspective | DW | 09.08.2017
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US President Donald Trump's childhood home listed on Airbnb

Want to live like a Trump? Now is your chance: Donald Trump's boyhood home in Queens, New York, is on Airbnb. The mock Tudor-style house comes complete with a giant presidential cut-out in the living room.

The 1940 house in Queens is being offered for $725 a night, the Airbnb listing says, with the "amenities" including a giant cut-out of Donald Trump in the living room. The home rental company calls it "a great companion for watching Fox News late into the night."

The mock Tudor-style family home was bought by Michael Davis - a New York real-estate developer - in March last year. In January 2017, the two-story home embellished with red brick sold at auction for $2.14 million - 54 percent more than the $1.39 million Davis paid.

"I think he likes a good deal. His brand creates value and we were certainly the beneficiaries of that," said Davis, and added that he had leased the house back for $4,000 a month. "We decided to put it on Airbnb to share the house with the world."

Smoking, pets and parties not allowed

The house, which expects first guests this weekend, according to Davis, sleeps up to 20 people and is equipped with internet and cable TV. The listing shows several dates blocked off in August but currently there are no reviews. It claims little has changed since the Trumps' time, boasting an original kitchen and "opulent furnishings."

"We tried to have presidential furniture," explained Davis. "It's decorated very, very nicely and it has all of the amenities that you would need."

Listing pictures show photographs of the president and quotations sprinkled around the property. Trump's best-selling business tome "The Art of the Deal" is in the house library - the only book in the house.

Donald Trump lived here for the first four years of his life. Built by his father Fred in 1940 in the upmarket enclave of Jamaica Estates, the president lived in the home until the family moved into a colonnaded mansion that Trump senior built nearby in 1951.

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