US Capitol police tighten security after new threats | News | DW | 04.03.2021
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US Capitol police tighten security after new threats

There have been no signs of disturbances as National Guard troops and police patrol outside the building. Law enforcement remains vigiliant after new plots emerged this week.

USA I Washington I Capitol National guard

The National Guard and police remain on high alert following new threats to attack the US Capitol .

Security forces were on high alert Thursday after US intelligence uncovered a "possible plot'' by a militia group to storm the Capitol again.

The new threat came two months after riots at the building left five people dead. It appears to be connected to a far-right conspiracy theory promoted by QAnon supporters that former President Donald Trump would return to power on March 4., the original presidential inauguration day until 1933.

US Capitol with National Guard troops

Around 5,200 National Guard troops remain in Washington DC guarding the US Capitol against further attacks like the deadly Jan. 6 riot that left five dead.

What is the current situation at the Capitol?

Though there was no evidence of a large group heading to Washington, the streets and grounds around the building are closed off by the razor-wire-topped fence erected after the January 6 riot.

Former President Trump remained thousands of miles away in Florida.

The Pentagon is reviewing a police request to keep National Guard troops patrolling the Capitol for another 60 days..

Around 26,000 troops were brought in for US President Joe Biden's January 20 inauguration, which passed peacefully. Roughly 5,200 soldiers remain in Washington DC.

Pro-Trump supporters storm the U.S. Capitol

Intelligence officials have stated members of the Three Percenters, a right-wing militia group, may be plotting a second attack on the US Capitol. The group has been identified as being part of the Jan. 6 riot.

What do we know about the new threat?

Online chatter identified by authorities included discussions among members of the Three Percenters, an anti-government militia group, concerning possible new plots against the Capitol on Thursday, according to two law enforcement officials who were not authorized to speak publicly.

Members of the Three Percenters were among the extremists who stormed the Capitol on January 6.

So far, federal agents have found no significant increases in the number of hotel rooms being rented in Washington, or in flights to the area, car rental reservations or buses being chartered.

Intelligence related that online chatter about the day on extremist sites was declining.

mb/rt (Reuters, AP)

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