US: 4 people shot outside Washington baseball stadium | News | DW | 18.07.2021

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US: 4 people shot outside Washington baseball stadium

Gunshots were heard outside a stadium in the US capital while a baseball game was in progress. Police said the situation was under control and investigation into the incident was underway.

Baseball I Washington Nationals v San Diego Padres

The baseball game between Washington Nationals and San Diego Padres was suspended after a shooting incident

Four people were shot outside a baseball stadium in Washington, D.C. on Saturday night, police said, adding that there was "no ongoing threat."

The Metropolitan Police Department initially said it was responding to the incident "in which two people were shot outside of Nationals Park."

"Two additional victims associated with this incident walked into area hospitals for treatment of gunshot wounds," police said in a subsequent tweet.

"This is currently an active investigation and it appears there is no ongoing threat at this time," it added.

According to preliminary information, one of the victims was an employee at the stadium, said Metropolitan Police Department spokesperson Dustin Sternbeck.

Spectators leave the stadium after an incident near the ballpark during the sixth inning of a baseball game between the Washington Nationals and the San Diego Padres

Crowds attending the baseball game in Washington, D.C. were asked to exit the stadium after a shooting incident

Game suspended

The shooting halted a baseball game between Washington Nationals and the San Diego Padres, and spectators were asked to exit the stadium in the US capital

The Washington Nationals said in a statement that the game has been suspended due to an incident surrounding Nationals Park. It added that the play was expected to resume on Sunday. 

Spectators, players rushed out

More than a dozen shots were heard from outside the stadium, prompting some spectators to rush for the exits, while others ducked for cover near their seats.

Players were rushed off the field and the game was halted after the gunshots.

The crowds attending the game were later ushered out of the stadium amid sirens from more than two dozen police cars, ambulances and fire engines on the street outside the stadium. A police helicopter was also seen hovering overhead. 

adi/sri (AFP, Reuters)