Uruguay swears in president to end 15 years of left-wing rule | News | DW | 01.03.2020
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Uruguay swears in president to end 15 years of left-wing rule

Uruguay got its first center-right president after 15 years of left-wing rule. Luis Lacalle Pou promised a raft of new policies to help the country.

Luis Lacalle Pou was sworn in as Uruguay's new president on Sunday. His presidency ended 15 years of governance by the left-wing Broad Front party that lost the election last November.

In his inaugural speech at Montevideo's Legislative Palace, Lacalle Pou said he would "promote what was done well (and) correct what was done badly."

He also promised to cap government spending, crack down on crime and realign the country's foreign policy. "We will take care of each peso contributed by taxpayers," the 46-year-old Lacalle Pou said.

His ceremony was attended by regional conservative leaders including Brazil's far-right President Jair Bolsonaro.

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Uruguay: The land of legal cannabis

Why did Broad Front lose?

The Broad Front presided over policy changes including the legalization of abortion, gay marriage and cannabis use.

In recent years the country has experienced rising crime and has an unemployment rate of around 9% — which appeared to dent the party's popularity.

Uruguay's fiscal deficit also reached 4.9% of gross domestic product last year.

Uruguay Montevideo

Uruguay's new president has promised to crack down on crime

Who is Luis Lacalle Pou?

The new president is no stranger to politics — his father Luis Lacalle Herrera was president from 1990 - 1995 and his mother, Julia Pou, was a senator. His great-grandfather Luis Alberto de Herrera was a major figure in the National Party.

He will be presiding over a diverse four-party coalition to get his programs through Congress.

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