UN asked to lead Peace Process in Afghanistan | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 12.11.2001
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UN asked to lead Peace Process in Afghanistan

Germany's Foreign Minister says the United Nations is the only body capable of ensuring lasting peace in Afghanistan.


Can Afghanistan find Peace under the UN Flag?

German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer has called for a peaceful solution in Afghanistan under UN leadership. In his speech before the UN General Assembly in New York on Monday, Fischer said the core of the Afghan conflict was political. "And that is why in the end the solution can only be a political one," he said.

According to Fischer, a future for Afghanistan must result internally and mirror the multi-ethnicity of the country. "But a peace plan also needs the help of the international community," he said. "Afghanistan cannot be left on its own with its problems."

A clear political and humanitarian perspective for Afghanistan is necessary, Fischer said. The UN should lead all efforts at peace. "Only a peace process headed by the UN can outrule foreign involvement in the future and ensure a peaceful future of the country in consensus with its neighbors."

In addition, the UN was the only institution which could give the global coalition against terrorism worldwide legitimacy. "And they have the instruments to cope with the political conflicts and the deeper developments which feed hate and despair," he said.

Look at Problems before the Catastrophe occurs

Minister Fischer appealed to the international community to look more intently at problems of collapsing states. Increased preventative actions needed to be taken, he said. "And not just in Afghanistan and not just after the catastrophe has set in."

Conflict prevention never took place in Afghanistan, Fischer criticized. "On the contrary, and this has turned out to be a fatal error." For over 20 years, the world just stood back and watched a humanitarian disaster develop in Afghanistan.

The Minister added that Germany and the European Union wished to participate in a political solution for Afghanistan. They would also make a lasting contribution to the country's economic and social reconstruction.

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