Ulm – Where the Middle Ages Meet Modernity | On Tour | DW | 31.03.2014
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On Tour

Ulm – Where the Middle Ages Meet Modernity

The Ulm Minster boasts the highest church spire in the world. It's a major source of pride to locals, who have turned the area around the famous church into a beautiful architectural ensemble combining old and new.



Construction on the Gothic church began in 1377 and took 500 years to complete. Originally a Roman Catholic church, it became Protestant during the Reformation. The 161.5-meter steeple affords a view of the half-timbered houses all around as well as innovative designs like the pyramid-shaped city library and the white town hall. The Kunsthalle Weishaupt complements Ulm's cityscape, making a fascinating ensemble of architecture from the Middle Ages to the modern day.

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