Two months in lockdown - Berlin′s new ′corona′ normal | Reporter - On Location | DW | 16.05.2020
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Two months in lockdown - Berlin's new 'corona' normal

Berlin is searching for a new normal. After more than two months of social distancing, children are finally returning to school and many shops are opening again, though many businesses are facing collapse. What is daily life like during corona?

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The very first day he re-opened for business, Ollie the hairstylist discovered that cutting a customer's hair around a face mask can be rather tricky. And what's to be done if the thing falls off in a moment of distraction? The Hansen family has very different challenges to deal with: living four in a flat and trying to juggle home life, home office and home schooling can push an otherwise harmonious family to the brink. And observing social distancing when in school, out shopping or on the street is sometimes harder than it sounds. A Report by Axel Rohwohlt.