Twin party night in Berlin and Tel Aviv | DW Travel | DW | 25.08.2015
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Twin party night in Berlin and Tel Aviv

The two cities will celebrate 50 years of diplomatic relations between Germany and Israel with a special club night on Thursday. DJs from both countries will be creating new musical connections.

This will be a special club night. On August 27, partygoers at the Kuli Alma in Tel Aviv will know they are dancing together with those at the Prince Charles, a trendy club in Kreuzberg, a district of Berlin.

DJs will turn into cultural ambassadors for the night: Israeli artists will be spinning in Berlin and Germans in Tel Aviv. Admission to both clubs is free until 23:00.

DJ Nadav Neeman is looking forward to the trip to Berlin. "I've been there often, but this time is going to be special, it's more official," he says. On Thursday, along with DJ Yarin Lidor, Neeman wants Berliners to experience Israeli club culture.

The hip-hop duo Beathoavenz, made up of DJ Smolface and DJ Perez, will be travelling from Berlin to Tel Aviv. The day before the club night, they will also be offering a workshop on Berlin's hip-hop culture for music producers and DJs in Tel Aviv.

"In Tel Aviv, Berlin is considered to be a bit like a big sister," said club manager Neri Azmon from Kuli Alma. "Many Israelis from Tel Aviv live there, and we constantly talk about Berlin here."

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