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DW Glaubenssachen Program Guide Themenheader englisch (Faith matters)

Faith Matters

The Church Program

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Latest edition

Building a Church - Catholics in Cuba

Twenty years ago, Pope John Paul II visited Cuba. He was the very first pontiff to do so in the island’s history and his visit marked a thaw in the Communist regime’s relations with the Vatican. In the optimism those days ushered in, the small Catholic parish in Guiteras, a suburb of Havana, planned to build a church. But it never got off the drawing board.

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  • 02.12.2018 | 06:02 on DW Deutsch+‎
  • 03.12.2018 | 07:30 on DW Deutsch+‎
  • 01.12.2018 | 02:30 on DW English‎
  • 01.12.2018 | 23:30 on DW English‎
  • 02.12.2018 | 06:02 on DW English‎
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  • 02.12.2018 | 16:30 on DW English‎
  • 03.12.2018 | 07:30 on DW English‎
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What people build on, what gives them support and the values they hold: For many, that is a question of faith.