Turning waste into energy in Turkey | Global Ideas | DW | 29.03.2011
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Global Ideas

Turning waste into energy in Turkey

Green electricity from toxic gases? A unique Turkish waste disposal plant is setting an example.

Project goal: Sustainable waste disposal; a reduction in carbon and methane emissions
Project scale: 1500 tonnes of waste are processed a day
Investment: 16 million euros
CO2 savings: 400,000 tonnes per year

Turkey is home to huge landfill sites where waste is piled high and left to rot away slowly over the decades. Organic waste dumps in particular produce high levels of methane that is released into the atmosphere and damages the environment. A new, high-tech waste disposal plant in Adana in southern Turkey captures this greenhouse gas and converts it into electricity. It's an initiative that's good both for the environment and the economy. Businessman Ali Kantur has invested heavily in raising awareness of waste separation, reduction and recycling - and his efforts are starting to pay off.

A film by Dan Hirschfeld

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Turning waste into energy in Turkey

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