Turning a Crisis into an Opportunity: Humanizing the Economy | Program | DW | 18.03.2013
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Turning a Crisis into an Opportunity: Humanizing the Economy

Tuesday, 18 June 2013, 4:00 p.m., Room A/B

Hosted by Pressenza, International Press Agency

Today’s global economic system, which values money and monetary growth above all else, is at odds with the values of affection, friendship, education, health and security. These are the values cherished by human beings. For the most part, the media are controlled by vested interests that benefit from this unjust situation. Hence they fail the public by promoting the mantras of private banks - subsequently repeated by governments - as if they were the absolute truth.

Nevertheless, people around the world are experimenting with new economic forms in huge numbers, from small-scale cooperatives through to the principles of “gift culture” and non-profit banking. There are also larger scale reforms being undertaken by progressive governments, such as Bolivia, which is predicted to experience the largest growth in South America in 2013.

Instead of just focusing on the crisis in the European Union and violent street protests in Greece, the media should also report on alternative economic forms if they are to give a balanced view of the economic crisis. Such movements show the trends and innovations that will lead to the eventual economic revolution that will come as a result of the human necessity to shape a peaceful, diverse and inclusive world which respects the environment and puts money in its rightful role: a means to exchange goods and services.

Concepts such as growth and usury do not fit with the humanist economic paradigms of the future. This session will explore these themes and give panelists the opportunity to present some of the alternatives to a monetary growth-based economic model which has been failing the world’s population for centuries.


Robinson, Tony
Co-Director, Pressenza International Press Agency, Budapest, Hungary


Andersson, David
Director, NYC Chapter, Humanist Party, New York City, United States

Blueh, Roberto W.
Managing Partner, Alfacom Engineering, Santiago, Chile

Caldaroni, Daniela
Teacher and Vice-President of Jak Italia Bank Committee, Turin, Italy

Sullings, Dr. Guillermo
Chairman, Pangea Foundation, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Complete workshop on soundcloud:

WS39 - Turning a Crisis into an Opportunity - Humanizing the Economy