Turner Prize 2016: the shortlisted nominees | Arts | DW | 05.12.2016

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Turner Prize 2016: the shortlisted nominees

Bare bottoms, piles of pennies, chastity belts and choo-choo trains are among the artworks by the four artists nominated for Britain's prestigious Turner Prize, to be revealed on Monday.

Competing for Britain's annual contemporary art award, the Turner Prize, the four shortlisted artists, Michael Dean, Anthea Hamilton, Helen Martin and Josephine Pryde, have both galvanized and baffled viewers when their works went on show in September at the Tate Britain Museum in London.

Anthea Hamilton's installation of a massive male backside held open by a pair of hands is perhaps the most shocking of the works, along with her metal chastity belts suspended from the ceiling.

Josephine Pryde offered up a "Fun Ride to Nowhere" with her Deutsche Bahn model train.

Micheal Dean's work incorporated 20,436 pounds ($26,503) worth of penny coins - in direct reference to the UK's poverty line. That sum is the amount of money the British government has established as the minimum needed for a family of four to survive.

Helen Marten mixes and matches everyday objects - everything from cotton buds and marbles - to create her poetic, collage-like installations of sculptures, screen printing and writing.

The Turner Prize - which brings with it 25,000 pounds to the winner - has been awarded annually since 1984 to British artists under the age of 50. Runners-up receive 5,000 pounds each. It is named after painter William Turner.

als/eg (Reuters, AFP)


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