Turkey in Europe? | All of Deutsche Welle′s social media channels at a glance | DW | 07.10.2005
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Social Media

Turkey in Europe?

After intense discussions, the EU and Turkey recently initiated formal membership talks. The Turkish bid to join the bloc has drawn intense criticism and DW-WORLD readers also seem split on the matter.


A suitable new family member?

The following comments reflect the views of our readers. Not all reader comments have been published. DW-WORLD reserves the right to edit for length and appropriateness of content.

Most of current EU citizens are against (Turkish EU membership). Their opinion should be heard. Why does the public opinion not matter? Who is really leading EU? Is it the US? The most important question is: Is EU a democratic union? -- Vesa Pekkanen

In my opinion the intense discussion amongst the EU members on the subject of admitting Turkey is not only a very positive but healthy action. The Turks must appreciate the process. Turkey's entry in the union should not be taken for granted. I hope the intelligent Turkish people and leadership from all walks of life will admire the EU membership process. -- Aftab Khan

Turkey is not part of Europe, not now or a thousand years before. Admitting Turkey to the EU? Well, if the EU was to consider them, why not consider Morocco and Egypt and Israel and every other country that is in close proximity to Europe but not on the continent of Europe? Turkish politicians want in so they can exploit all the financial benefits the EU offers. Turkey claims that Europe needs them, Turkish ideals and their booming economy must be what they meant -- if only that were true. When Turkish politicians are pressured on their political stances on human rights Cyprus, Armenia and the Kurds, they quickly allude to their own agenda. -- Nick Manino


The sun sets over Istanbul

I do not think that the EU is being fair to Turkey. It seems that the rules of the game are constantly being changed to make it as difficult as possible for Turkey to join the EU. -- Michael Ovacik

I think the solution was a good one. Neither side should be naive, however; there will be hurdles on the way. It could become an international bridge, it also could turn into a nightmare for future generations. Let's hope for a bridge. -- Elisabeth Heptner , US

It is a shame that Europe a continent of hope, justice, liberty, equality and truth, has once again disappointed and failed in its mission. Once again the true colors of Britain came shining with the push for Turkey's EU membership. How could Europe accept a country with blood on their hands? The blood of Armenians, Kurds and Cypriots. How much longer is Europe to turn a blind eye to Turkey's human rights violations? Is Europe willing to accept as a member a country run by the military? I do hope that Europeans will raise their voices and tell their governments what a big mistake they have committed. -- Dikran Sassounian , US

Turkey has to recognize all the members of the EU before it can be accepted into the European Union. If Europe has to recognize them, they will need to recognize Europe. -- S. Kritikopoulos

Türkei Beitrittsverhandlungen Reaktionen Zeitungen

Turkish papers hailed the decision to initiate talks

I believe Turkey deserves consideration as a full member of EU and all of this delay is just an excuse for ethnocentric behavior. I am shocked at Austria's attitude toward Turkey. Turkey has gone the extra mile and they have hit it on the head -- grow up. -- Darrel Collins

Austria is correct in its position. The EU must not allow Turkey to become a partner while the Cyprus matter is unresolved, nor should a Muslim nation dictate to Europe. -- Charles Pfeiffer

No, I don't think Turkey should become part of EU. Turkey and multinational corporations stand to gain from Turkish membership in EU. This gain is short-sighted. EU bureaucrats have to ask its EU citizen whether they want Turkey in EU. -- Huck Lim

Turkey should never become a member of the EU because it is not a European country. If Britain and France want to prepare the EU budget for Turkey's entry they should renounce Britain's budget rebate and dismantle the Common Agricultural policy. Any further discussions on Turkey's entry or privileged partnership should not be held until Germany has a new government in place, instead of the present caretaker one. -- Vincent Raimondo , Malta

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