Turkey and EU: A Poor Fit | All of Deutsche Welle′s social media channels at a glance | DW | 31.08.2005
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Turkey and EU: A Poor Fit

Asked their opinion on Turkey joining the European Union, the majority of DW-WORLD readers who answered were staunchly opposed.


Should Turkey join the EU? Most readers were opposed

The following comments reflect the views of our readers. Not all reader comments have been published. DW-WORLD reserves the right to edit for length and appropriateness of content.

Healthy multiculturalism? Is that what we are seeing in Spain, Holland, London and Germany? A yet larger Muslim population combined with dismal demographic numbers for European birth rates means visitors to Europe will soon need to bring their Arabic dictionaries. This may offend liberal sensibilities but once a culture is swallowed up it will not return. European culture has been the light of the world (although not lately) and it is worth protecting. And I don't mean from Coca Cola.

J.L. Ronish

We should not forget that a good portion of Europe was under the yoke of the Ottoman Empire (i.e., Turkey) for many years. The Turks are of Asian nature. They are Muslim and not Christian European. The Muslims have been trying to gain control of the rest of Europe for centuries.

H. Regner

Unlucky marriage?

I see the EU-Turkish relationship like a couple. Turkey and the EU have been dating for a very long time with promises and commitments along the way. They made plans to get engaged on Oct. 3. The question is how will EU administrators tell Turkey that its family (the public) is opposed to the marriage?

Ersan Tasli

If Turkey is admitted to the EU, it will become the Trojan horse of Europe. Europe suffers from a catastrophic demographic problem, which has been underestimated by the various socialist-liberal governments. Turkey would be the second most populous EU country. The Greeks would suffer most. We would disappear off the map.

Manolis Alifierakis, Greece

Turkey is not part of Europe and should not be admitted to the EU. I realize the US is keen to see Turkey join but of course they have their own agenda: The last thing the Bush administration wants to see is a strong and independent Europe. An alliance's strength is measured more by it's unity than it's size. Turkey would only weaken Europe by it's presence.

Bob Rehling, Australia

Turkey does not belong in the EU because it doesn't honor the principles of religious rights, human rights, minority rights, or democratic rule. Finally, it occupies and colonizes an EU member state -- Cyprus.

M.G. Ikossi MD, PhD

Just one in favor...

I am sure Turkey belongs in the EU. Maybe not in the short run, but in the long run. Turkey will be a most important EU ally, not only in economic terms but military and other issues as well. Turkey joining the EU is a win-win situation. They need each other.

Izmir, Turkey

Turkey's Recognition of Cyprus

Turkey should not necessarily be required to recognize 'Greek' Cyprus as the sole representative of the Cypriot government. This disregards any of the legitimate concerns leading to the 1974 invasion by Turkey and also the recent affirmative reunification votes by the Turkish Cypriots that the Greeks rejected. Once Cyprus is reunited, then fine, recognition would become a prerequisite. But not until then.

Dave Alexander, Northern Ireland.

If the EU is all about friendship and peace, how can it be that Turkey doesn't even recognize Cyprus? Is that friendship?

George, Cyprus

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  • Date 31.08.2005
  • Author Compiled by DW staff (jen)
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