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Tunisia jails opposition leader Ghannouchi for 1 year

May 15, 2023

Rached Ghannouchi, the former parliament speaker, had appeared in court on charges of plotting against state security. He is among more than 20 opposition figures arrested since February.

President of the Tunisian conservative Ennahda political party, Rached Ghannouchi, arrives at a police station in Tunis
Tunisian opposition figure Rached Ghannouchi has been sentenced to a year in prisonImage: FETHI BELAID/AFP

A Tunisian court sentenced opposition figure Rached Ghannouchi to one year in prison.

Local media reported that Ghannouchi was also handed a fine of 1,000 dinars ($326; €300).

He was arrested last month and appeared in court at the end of February on charges of plotting against state security after he was accused of calling police officers "tyrants."

He had also warned that a "civil war" could emerge in Tunisia if the government worked to eradicate left-wing and Islamist opposition groups.

Ghannouchi is a former parliament speaker and leader of the Islamist Ennahda party. Ennahda was the largest party in parliament before President Kais Saied dissolved the chamber in July 2021.

The former speaker refused to appear before the judiciary last month and said that the proceedings were fabricated political trials.

More than 20 opposition figures arrested

Ghannouchi is among more than 20 opposition figures arrested since February, including business figures and former ministers.

President Saied has spent more than a year and a half consolidating power and ruling by decree.

Earlier this year, Tunisia's parliament held its first session since it was suspended in 2021. Lawmakers were elected in January and December, in a poll boycotted by opposition parties. The vote saw turnout of only 11%.

sdi/fb (AFP, Reuters)