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Treasures of the World - Heritage of Mankind

Treasures of the World – explore unique natural and cultural sites the world over. The TV documentary series “Treasures of the World” presents fascinating places, legendary cities and extraordinary natural landscapes that UNESCO has declared part of the Heritage of Mankind.

Many natural phenomena and human cultural achievements are one of a kind and have become part of our heritage. They must not be destroyed or abandoned to decay. Starting in 1972, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization set itself the task of preserving those natural, artistic and cultural properties of mankind that possess an “outstanding universal value”. They are designated part of the “Heritage of Mankind.”

Let yourself be inspired by the myths and legends, by sacred structures and artwork by great masters. Let yourself be captivated by spectacular images, exciting stories and historical revelations. Discover the flair of Europe’s old towns and Latin America’s lavish, baroque colonial buildings. Travel with us across Patagonia’s vast glacial landscapes and through the Grand Canyon. Examine the traces of long-vanished cultures in Asia and Africa. The TV documentary series “Treasures of the World” spirits the viewer off to some of the world’s most beautiful spots.