Transport and Tourism Fairs | Business| Economy and finance news from a German perspective | DW | 03.08.2007
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Transport and Tourism Fairs

Head to Berlin for planes and tourism, check out the latest water sports trends in Düsseldorf and find out about new cars in Hanover and Frankfurt.

Two participants in the 2006 International Boat Fair

Two participants in the 2006 International Boat Fair

The biannual Berlin Air Show (ILA) is the "international full-line aerospace trade show and pan-European marketing platform that provides direct access to all European markets." Some 1014 exhibitors from 42 countries and 250,000 visitors took part in 2006.

Next dates: May 27 to June 1, 2008

Düsseldorf's International Boat Show (boot) naturally shows boats, but also everything else that has to do with water sports. The fair includes exhibitors focusing on windsurfing, diving and fishing equipment, among others. Some 1,644 exhibitors from 56 countries welcomed about 273,000 visitors in 2007.

Next dates: Jan. 19 to Jan. 27, 2008

The International Motor Show (IAA) is Germany's premier trade fair for the automobile industry that takes place in Frankfurt/Main. IAA invites you to "see what drives the future." About 1,300 exhibitors from 38 countries attend, as do roughly 250,000 visitors.

Next dates: Sept. 13 to Sept. 23, 2007

Berlin's International Tourism Exchange (ITB) calls itself "the leading tourism industry fair" and covers all aspects of the tourism industry with some 6,700 exhibitors from 170 countries and 160,000 visitors.

Next dates: March 5 to March 9, 2008

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