Transatlantic Ties and CIA Affair | All of Deutsche Welle′s social media channels at a glance | DW | 01.12.2005
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Transatlantic Ties and CIA Affair

Many readers have expressed concern over rumors of secret CIA prisons in Europe and consequences for EU-US ties. With Iraq, Iran and climate talks on the agenda, there's room for improvement, they argue.


A Romanian airfield is allegedly a site for one of the CIA prisons

The following comments reflect the views of our readers. Not all reader comments have been published. DW-WORLD reserves the right to edit for length and appropriateness of content.

CIA Prisons in Europe

Are there secret CIA prisons in Romania and Poland? Probably. Heck those prisons must be somewhere or the CIA wouldn't have been flying these people all over the place.

What I'm wondering is why Ms. Merkel wants to kiss up to Bush when the whole world hates that guy. This woman surely ain't for real. Why visit with the guy? If Ms. Merkel had any morals at all, she would ignore the Bush-regime. Does this woman realize that Bush invaded Iraq, dismantled the military there, and has had our military fight a war against Iraqi civilians of all stripes for nearly 3 years by now? What kind of a war is that, I'd like to ask? Normally for a military to fight against civilians is called genocide. It's nice that Germany has a female chancellor but why this callous woman who obviously fancies herself another Blair-poodle?

I am certain the allegations are true, especially with regard to Poland, Finland, and Romania who may not realize the seriousness of the crime they are perpetrating by letting themselves be satraps of the US.

I am extremely worried about the news on secret prisons and violation of human rights. Even more so because Cheney has also claimed that torture should be allowed when committed under CIA supervision. Have they all completely lost their minds?!! Since Reagan (where Cheney was also a member of the 'team') any republican government is dragging the world further back into the middle ages! – Tobi

Do we have something in common with the Americans or with the terrorists? Do we expect the Americans to put these people in 5-star hotels? We in Europe are trying together to solve the Iranian problem with Americans and at the same time accusing them. Why? One thing some of us have seen is that governments or regimes in the Middle East have more respect for the Americans than for us in Europe, for they know that the Americans do what they say and what do we do is nothing at all. I think the best for us is to support the Americans threat of force while we at the same time try diplomacy.

Climate Change


The U.S. and China, as well as ALL human beings, should implement drastic cuts in greenhouse gas emissions, as well as all other environmentally harmful practices. Unfortunately, our popular cultures have embraced common ideologies that blind us to our roles in nature, and disguise the fact that all of our actions profoundly affect climate, eco-systems, and our troposphere. Leaders of nearly all countries place a premium on strong market economies, which are based on ever growing consumption. These expanding levels of consumption will, in the end, destroy the very environment that sustains life. It's time to grow up, discard our adolescent hedonism in the dustbins of the past and behave as if our lives really depend on preservation, conservation, clean energy, and sustainable practices in all of our endeavours, because that is precisely the case. Basing "success" of a people on economic indicators such as GDP and GNP, pits us against our own life-sustaining systems. This is a "live for the moment" attitude that is essentially suicidal. I resent those in power who make decisions that destroy this planet which belongs to ALL creatures, just to satisfy their greed.

I am ashamed by my county's president's continued arrogance, ignorance and selfish disregard in the face of the obvious. – USA

Of course the United States, China and India should also commit to reducing emissions of greenhouse gases. The greatest commitment should come from the United States, the greatest polluter in the history of human kind.

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  • Date 01.12.2005
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  • Date 01.12.2005
  • Author Compiled by DW staff (ktz)
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