Traineeship curriculum and salary | Program | DW | 11.09.2014
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Traineeship curriculum and salary

There's nothing like combining theory and practice, and that's exactly what our traineeship does. Everything you learn in the seminars can be directly applied to the internships that follow.

DW's international traineeship takes you through the ABCs of journalism - everything from theory basics to live reporting and multimedia storytelling. The 18-month multimedia traineeship is for online, radio and television, and comprises:

• six months of theory and practice-oriented seminar blocks held in English and German and conducted by working journalists
• nine months of placements with various DW editorial departments in Bonn, Berlin and one of our foreign bureaus in Brussels, Washington or Moscow
• a one-month placement with DW's partner broadcaster, Deutschlandradio
• four weeks of vacation

The seminar blocks alternate with the placements so that you're able to directly apply what you've just learned.

At the end of each traineeship, participants officially present a multimedia project which they've developed and produced as a team. In one of the previous years, the trainees travelled across Europe and asked young Europeans to describe their "Plan B" for surviving the continent's economic crisis. The project won Germany's prestigious Grimme Online Award. In another year, trainees wanted to know more about their families' experiences during various dictatorships. They decided to interview their grandmothers who lived in countries including Brazil, China and Kenya. The result was "Oma, das Regime und ich" ("Granny, the regime and I").

And you do get paid for your efforts. During the initial six months of the traineeship you earn a pre-tax monthly salary of 1,746 euros. That increases to 1,924 euros for the following six months, and to 2,023 euros for the final six months. Deutsche Welle's traineeship is a full-time program. In exceptional cases, temporary employment outside of the program may be approved.

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