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DW The 77 Percent Rubrik Themenheader mit Edith, Eddy, Liz, Michael und Wanjiku

The 77 Percent

The 77 Percent 21.09.2020

77 percent of Africans are younger than 35. Those 77 percent can shape the continent’s future.

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Ali Virk, a Pakistani YouTuber

YouTuber reveals deadly journey to Europe

Debating slave trade

Debating slave trade

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COVID: Indonesia restricts inter-city travel

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DW News Africa Moderator Eddy Micah (Artikelbild)

DW News Africa with Eddy Micah Jr, 07 May 2021

A Bangladeshi zoo has decided to honor US President Joe Biden for his efforts to tackle climate change

Bangladesh zoo names tiger cub after Joe Biden

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