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Youtube Header DW Africa The 77 Percent

The 77 Percent

The 77 Percent 04.12.2017

77 percent of Africans are younger then 35. Those 77 percent can shape the continent’s future.

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DW News Asia Sendungslogo

News Asia, April 25

Ukraine Präsidentschaftswahl 2019 | Debatte - Poroschenko vs. Selenskyj (Getty Images/AFP/V. Maximov)

Ukraine election: Economic woes dominate campaign

Ägypten hält Referendum über Verfassungsänderungsentwürfe ab (picture-alliance/AP Photo/A. Nabil)

Egypt goes to the polls

Kolumbien Venezolanische Flüchtlingskinder in Cucuta (Getty Images/J. Raedle)

Venezuelans start new lives in Colombia

FOKUS Russland Castingshows (DW)

Dream of fame: Russia's youth talent shows

Dole Jura Stained glass in Notre-Dame de Dole basilica : Hell (picture-alliance/Godong/P. Lissac)

'Notre Dame is my heart and soul'

Bobi Wine to challenge Museveni for Ugandan presidency

Trash is filling up Cyclone Idai's path of destruction

Venezuela Flüchtlinge an der Grenze zu Kolumbien bei Cucuta (picture-alliance/AP Photo/M. Mejia)

Red Cross to send Venezuela aid

Grenze Irland - Nordirland (Getty Images/C. McQuillan)

Might Brexit bring a comeback of smuggling?

Kenya: Cashing on water hyacinth

Global Ideas Plastikverschmutzung durch Einwegartikel (picture-alliance/empics/K. O'Connor)

EU votes to ban single-use plastics

Mosambik nach dem Zyklon Idai (Reuters/S. Sibeko)

Mozambique rebuilding efforts underway

DW Sendung Made in Germany (DW)

Brexit: A business community divided

Thailand Bangkok Wahlen Stimmenauszählung (Reuters/A. Perawongmetha)

Waiting for election results

Watch video 06:31

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DW Global 3000 - Taiwan Augen (SWR)

Taiwan's myopia epidemic

DW Global 3000 - Global Teen Costa Rica (DW)

Global Teen Costa Rica

DW Global 3000 - Spanien Diät (BR)

A Spanish town gets moving

Global Ideas | Rhinos (J. Henrichmann)

Uganda's southern white rhinos

Sendung Global 3000 Ghana Accra Schrottplatz (DW/W. Feuersenger)

Ghana: Where Europe's e-waste goes

Sendung Global 3000 Weißrussland Batteriewerk Batteriefabrik in Brest (DW)

Belarus: A Chinese-funded eco-disaster?

Sendung Global 3000 Indonesien Hotelschule Sumba Hospitality Foundation (NDR)

Indonesia: Job training for young people

Ruanda Habimana Moise (SWR)

Rwanda: Refugees return after genocide

DW Global 3000 - Brandrodung von Waldflächen (Global Ideas)

Belize: Slash and burn farming