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How harmful to the climate is transporting food by air?

DW Global 3000 - Klima Infofilm (DW)

COP23: Our changing world

Is climate change a security risk?

Trinkwasser in Plastikflaschen (Imago/imagebroker)

Empty plastic bottles – what next?

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02:24 mins.

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Does Saharan dust impact climate change?

What is the greenhouse effect?


Cruise ships - Toxic waste on the high seas

Jaenschwalde Braunkohlekraftwerk Symbolbild CO2 (dapd/O. Lang)

Can CO2 be stored?

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01:49 mins.

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What can farmers do to protect the environment?

How to tighten up your home

Does global warming really exist?

How does emission trading work?

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02:19 mins.

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Superfood DW (DW)

Is 'superfood' really all that super?

Was ist Wald? ( DW)

What is a forest and what is it for?

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02:03 mins.

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DW eco@africa - Plastic shopping bags (DW/M. Estarque)

How harmful are plastic bags to the climate?

Do we need every species?


Whatever happened to the hole in the ozone layer?

What effect does climate change have on animals?

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02:02 mins.

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Symbolbild Eon Umstrukturierung (Reuters/I. Fassbender)

100% Green Energy — Is it feasible?

Why do oceans turn acidic?

How climate-damaging is a climate summit?


Earth 2100 - what happens if we don't change our ways?

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02:22 mins.

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What is your personal CO2 balance?

If the bee becomes extinct, will humans follow?

Is climate change making us ill?

What economic value do forests have?

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05:49 mins.

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