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German parliament and DW election logo
Watch video 03:12

Can Germany's traffic light parties form a coalition?  

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Deutschland Berlin | Sondierungsgespräche | Robert Habeck, Annalena Baerbock, Volker Wissing und Christian Lindner

Can Germany's traffic light parties form a coalition?

Woman wearing hoodie, glasses, mask casts her ballot while unmasked women look on

Germany after the election: What's next?

Bildkombo | Scholz - Linder - Baerbock

Germany's Greens, FDP look for common ground

SPD candidate Anna Kassautzki has won Angela Merkel's former constituency

SPD candidate wins Merkel's seat

Germany and the world
Explaining the German general election
Watch video 07:33
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Angela Merkel - Navigating a world in crisis

The upcoming German elections will mark the end of the era of Angela Merkel after almost 16 years.

A look at the era of Angela Merkel

Deutschland Bundestagswahl Kanzlerkandidaten Triell | Laschet, Baerbock und Scholz

Who will follow Angela Merkel?

Deutschland Bundestag Angela Merkel

Images of a chancellor