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Generation 25 - Children of German Reunification

Living in unity, learning boundaries


Germany celebrates 25 years of reunification on October 3. But even those born in 1989 and 1990, with freedom instead of walls, still feel a division. Here is a look at Germany's Generation 25 - the country's future.  

Reunified, but not always united

08.09.2015 DW Doku Generation 25 04

They never experienced a divided Germany. But do they still feel walls in the country? DW commissioned FORSA to survey Germans born in 1989 and 1990 about how they see themselves, their country and the future.  

Generation 25 in numbers

09.2015 Generation 25 Infografik 10 Engagement eng

They are exceptionally well trained, mostly single and don't care for money. And the majority of the 1989/1990 generation feels positive about the future. Here are 10 key facts to understanding Generation 25 at a glance.