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DW Founders Valley Key Visual (Themenheader)
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DW - Mangolia - Founders' Valley (DW/C. Meyer)

Between Tradition & Globalization (1/10)

Hongkong Skyline (DW)

Urban Visions (2/10)

DW Founders' Valley (DW/H. Ernst)

Technology - Promise or Peril? (3/10)

DW Founders' Valley (DW/H. Ernst)

Energize the World (4/10)

Founders' Valley episode 5: Singapore – Horizons of Health (DW/H. Ernst )

Horizons of Health (5/10)

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Azrina Yusof (DW/Grit Hofmann)

Founders' Secrets - Teknologi Inovasi Solar

DW Founders' Valley Founders' Secrets series (DW/C. Meyer)

Founders' Secrets - Lhamour

Founders Valley picture teaser Vicky Chan (DW)

Founders' Secrets - Avoid Obvious Architects

Founders Valley picture teaser Secrets Taskhyn Khalamkhan (DW)

Founders' Secrets - Trek Altai

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26:01 mins.

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Snap for Founders' Valley, von Holger Ernst (Holger Ernst)

Food for the Future (6/10)

Worlds of Work Founders' Valley Episode 7 (Holger Ernst)

Worlds of Work (7/10)

DW Founders' Valley Episode 8 (DW/H. Ernst)

Sacred water - Scarce water (8/10)

Valley 9, Pollution (DW/H.Ernst)

Drowning in Plastic

Indien Founders Valley (H. Ernst)

The Climate Challenge

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01:39 mins.

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Snap for Founders' Secrets, I Got Garbage (Holger Ernst)

Founders' Secrets - Mantra


Founders’ Secrets - Your Simple Garden

Shawn Guan (DW/G. Hofmann)

Founders' Secrets - Umbo CV