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Headerbanner Unterseite des Projekts DW Freedom: #Article19ForAll
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Ensaf Haidar: 'I will fight for Raif and free speech'

#Article19ForAll: The wife of jailed Saudi blogger Raif Badawi says that her mission is to fight for free expression.  

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Jover Laurio: 'Freedom of expression is our best hope'

#Article19ForAll: Jover Laurio, a Filippino blogger, lives under constant threat of violence because of her work.  

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Kumi Naidoo: 'We must continue to stand for these rights'

Amnesty International's Kumi Naidoo says that he will continue to stand with people who stand up and speak out.  

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Shahidul Alam: 'Freedom is essential to civilization'

Article19ForAll: Photographer Shahidul Alam believes that people would sacrifice anything on their quest for freedom.  

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Rosana Hermann: 'Freedom is what keeps us human'

#Article19ForAll: Brazilian journalist Rosana Hermann supports Article 19 because it symbolizes the freedom to be human.  

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Can Dündar: 'We must continue to embrace human rights'

Turkish journalist Can Dündar thinks the UN Declaration of Human Rights should be updated in line with today's problems.  

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Zhanna Nemtsova: 'Fear stifles free expression in Russia'

#Article19ForAll: DW's Zhanna Nemtsova, daughter of Boris Nemtsov, says Russia uses fear to repress free expression.  

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Scott Griffen: 'Press freedom is facing big challenges'

#Article19ForAll: IPI's Scott Griffen says that free media is now endangered where it was once guaranteed.  

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Banu Güven: 'Freedom of speech is the torch we carry'

#Article19ForAll: Turkish journalist Banu Güven says that Article 19 should remain forever and for all.  

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Josephine Achiro Fortelo: 'People have to talk and share'

#Article19ForAll: Journalist Josephine Achiro Fortelo fights for a free media environment in South Sudan.  

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Michael O'Flaherty: 'We have to protect journalists'

#Article19ForAll: European Union's FRA Director Michael O'Flaherty says journalists are vital for the health of society.  

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Jagoda Marinić: 'Free speech is a value worth fighting for'

German author and journalist Jagoda Marinić says that free speech is a value that allows people to speak their truth.  

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Sarah Jones: 'Journalists help maintain an informed society'

#Article19ForAll: US journalist Sarah Jones says that an informed society is the backbone of an efficient one.  

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Bärbel Kofler: 'Free expression protects human rights'

Germany's Human Rights Commissioner Bärbel Kofler recognizes the connection between free expression and human rights.  

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Olivia Jones: 'We have to fight for freedom of speech'

#Article19ForAll: Drag queen Olivia Jones believes that freedom of expression is Germany's most cherished value.  

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#Article19ForAll: 'Democracy thrives with a free press'

Our Director General Peter Limbourg says that DW stands by the right to free expression and free access to information.  

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Morten Kjaerum: 'Free expression leads to more human rights'

#Article19ForAll: For Danish lawyer Morten Kjærum, freedom of expression is a key driver towards increased human rights.  

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Alisa Ganieva: 'Free speech is being violated in Russia'

#Article19ForAll: Russian author Alisa Ganieva thinks that speaking one's mind is a right, not a punishable offense.  

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Asli Erdogan: 'Human beings deserve human rights'

Turkish author and activist Asli Erdogan told DW that human rights are essential elements to being human.  

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Tobey Wilson: 'Free speech means respect for other opinions'

German singer Tobey Wilson thinks that free speech means that people can discuss and debate topics they disagree upon.  

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DW journalists speak out on freedom of expression

#Article19ForAll: Five DW journalists share their views on the importance of freedom of expression and media freedom.  

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#Article19forAll: Editor-in-Chief Ines Pohl's call to action

DW's Editor-in-Chief Ines Pohl expresses DW's support of free speech and calls on users to contribute their own videos.  

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Maria Schrader: 'Independent newspapers are shutting down'

German actor Maria Schrader (Deutschland 86) has witnessed independent newspapers being shut down in Europe.  

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Jonas Nay: Free expression is a 'pillar of democracy'

German actor Jonas Nay (Deutschland 86) appreciates living in a democracy where freedom of expression is the norm.  

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Alice Schwarzer: 'We need to stand by these ideals'

#Article19ForAll: Had we respected the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the world would be a better place.  

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Alexander Skipis: 'Human Rights Declaration critical today'

The existence of a standard of human rights is even more important today then when it was signed 70 years ago.