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Mandela100: Young Africans remember Mandela

"Nelson Mandela inspires me on a daily basis"

Just 6: The influence of Nelson Mandela

"Fighting against oppression and fear"

"Stand up for what you believe in"

"What Mandela did, wasn't satisfying"

Patrice Juah (DW/G. Hilse)

"A symbol of love and unity"

Don Adrian Ingutia aus Kenia (DW/A. Wasike)

"I live by Mandela‘s virtues"

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African Roots Nelson Mandela (Comic Republic)

Mandela, visionary of a free South Africa

DW eco@africa - Toilettes in Ghana (DW)

The Wash King of Ghana

Königin von Sheba (Comic Republic)

Queen of Sheba, in search of wisdom

DW radio programs for Africa

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Südafrika, der Gerichtsübersetzer Royce Buda in Pretoria (DW/A.Dieden)

A court interpreter in South Africa

DW Global 3000 - Aktivist Rasta Bathily aus Mali (DW)

Global Hero: Rasta Bathily from Mali

Bobi Wine - The Ghetto President from Uganda

Central Africa's fruit bat migration