Tommy Krappweis, TV Producer and Comedian | Talking Germany | DW | 16.11.2012
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Talking Germany

Tommy Krappweis, TV Producer and Comedian

The 39-year-old author and comedian Tommy Krappweis is the inventor of "Bernhard Bread," a grumpy loaf of bread that's achieved cult status on German television.

He began his career as a street musician in his home town Munich and worked also as a stuntman for a Wild West show – as he explains on Talking Germany.

For a long time, Tommy Krappweis was one of the great unsung heroes of the German entertainment industry. It was his job to make other people look good. He's worked for some of the biggest names in German entertainment, but author and comedian Tommy Krappweis is still relatively unknown. His character "Bernhard Bread", however, is one of the most iconic figures on German children's television. Krappweis is the man behind cult figure 'Bernhard Bread', which he created for children's TV channel Ki.Ka. In 2004, Krappweis and his co-authors received the coveted Grimme Prize for their stories featuring the grumpy loaf of bread and his chums. The Grimme is one of the most prestigious awards in German television. He's also an accomplished writer: In February, Krappweis published a book about his 'traumatic' childhood in which he was forced to take camping vacations with his family. He lives with his wife and daughter in Munich.

Talking Germany'shost Peter Craven talks to Tommy Krappweis about rage, wimps, and boldness. Features on these issues provide subjects for discussion and enhance the conversation on Talking Germany.Our guest tells of his "traumatic" childhood memories, because he was given a road bike instead of the Lego he asked for. In addition, he tells us about his aversion to camping, which he describes in his recent book "Awning of Hell."

First broadcast 28 May 2012

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