Tokyo: Let it snow! | DW Travel | DW | 24.11.2016
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Tokyo: Let it snow!

Tokyo is seeing its first November snowfall in 54 years. Residents of the Japanese capital were taken by surprise, as temperatures usually range from 10 to 17 Celcius around this time of the year.

Tokyo residents experienced the first November snowfall in 54 years on Thursday as a cold air mass brought snow to eastern Japan, weather authorities said.

It is the first time snow has been seen on the ground in Tokyo in November since records started to be taken in 1875. Temperatures in Tokyo and surrounding areas fell to near zero in the morning, a level rarely seen at this time of the year. The unexpected weather caused some injuries and minor train delays.

The agency forecast up to two centimeters of snow in Tokyo and up to 15 centimeters (five inches) in mountainous areas of eastern Japan. On the northernmost island of Hokkaido, a winter pressure pattern dumped 34 centimeters of snow in Kutchan Town and 28 centimeters in Yubari City in the last 24 hours until Thursday morning, broadcaster NHK reported.

at/cho (dpa)