To the point - Brexit: Can Westminster Seal a Deal? | To the Point | DW | 24.10.2019
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To the Point

To the point - Brexit: Can Westminster Seal a Deal?

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the House of Commons have tried all the tricks in fighting for their interests in the Brexit battle. But who wants what? Our guests: Vendeline v. Bredow (Economist), Derek Scally (Irish Times), Jon Worth (Blogger)

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Derek Scally works for the Irish Times. He says: Boris Johnson and his Brexit brothers have paralysed Europe for three years. Now their EU departure has become a "Deal or No Deal" Gameshow. But it can always get worse: and it will.



Jon Worth is a british Blogger living in Berlin. He says: „A General Election before Christmas is now Boris Johnson’s only way out of his self-inflicted Brexit mess.“




Vendeline von Bredow works for the british Economist. She says: „MPs are kicking the can down the road which means Brexit is less and less likely by the end of the month.“