Three tons of drugs seized from Hamburg ship | News | DW | 29.11.2014
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Three tons of drugs seized from Hamburg ship

Authorities in Australia have seized about three tons of MDMA and crystal methamphetamine from a ship that set off from Hamburg, Germany. The bust was the second largest in Australian history.

Six men have been charged in what Australian police called Saturday one of the largest drug busts in the country's history, worth some $1.2 billion (960 million euros).

Australian Federal Police said the men were charged over their alleged involvement in the attempted importation of almost three tons of the party drug MDMA and crystal methamphetamine into Sydney.

"This seizure represents the second largest seizure in Australian history, which proves law enforcement agencies are working harder than ever to keep drugs out of our community," said Federal Police Commissioner Andrew Colvin.

Furniture and a whole lot of drugs

The massive stash, detected by Customs officers in Sydney on Wednesday, was hidden in a container shipped from the northern German port Hamburg that had been filled with furniture and unmarked boxes.

Authorities said after the drugs had been discovered, police allowed the shipment to be delivered to an address in western Sydney. When the delivery was made, six men, all Australian residents who range in age from 23 to 34, were arrested.

"The importation of these substances into the community is being orchestrated by serious and organized crime groups," said Australian Customs and Border Protection Service chief executive Roman Quaedvlieg.

The six men have been charged with "attempting to possess a commercial quantity of a border controlled drug," a crime that carries a maximum penalty of life imprisonment in Australia.

glb/se (dpa, AFP)

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