This is the unusual ingredient our winner cooked with! | Lifestyle | DW | 25.09.2020
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This is the unusual ingredient our winner cooked with!

We wanted to know what usual ingredient you’d cooked with before. Was it something you’d gathered in the wild or grown yourself? Read on to see if you’re the winner of our exclusive DW backpack.

To some they’re nothing more than weeds, but wild plants enjoy a growing popularity among gourmets. Professional chefs have also developed a taste for wild herbs and are using them in their dishes. When chef Pippa Lovell needs ingredients for her restaurant on the Isle of Man, she simply sets off for a walk with her basket. Lying in the Irish Sea, between Great Britain and Ireland, the island is a nature lover’s paradise. Wild herbs and berries, seaweed and plants others view as weeds all land up on diners’ plates at Pippa Lovell’s restaurant.

Many of you wrote to us this week telling us what unusual ingredient you’ve cooked with. A heartfelt thank you to all participants!

All entries entered our draw for an exclusive DW backpack full of goodies. The winner was Barbara K. from Caluire in France. She writes: "Since my childhood my family has been collecting wild blackberries in the summer. I use them to make jam, and all winter long we have the taste of summer and sweet berries for breakfast. Delicious!"