Thieves Bag Armoured Car of Daimler Boss | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 22.11.2004
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Thieves Bag Armoured Car of Daimler Boss

Thieves have stolen the €800,000 ($1.04 million) car driven by DaimlerChrysler boss Jürgen Schrempp and investigators say the chances of finding it are slim, Germany's Bild daily reported Monday. The bullet-proof Class S 600 Mercedes was stolen within 20 minutes of it being parked outside a building in Stuttgart, western Germany, three weeks ago, the newspaper reported. An investigator said the vehicle, which has reinforced panels and weighs around 3.5 tons, was probably stolen with a tow truck. Despite being equipped with a satellite global positioning system, it could not be located. "The limousine was most likely an order from the Russian mafia and was probably taken abroad a long time ago," the investigator said. (AFP)