The virtual reporter: 360° Storytelling | Global Media Forum | DW | 13.06.2017
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Global Media Forum

The virtual reporter: 360° Storytelling

hosted by Grimme Institut

Virtual and Augmented Reality along with 360° video have quickly risen to relevance after a variety of VR hardware (headsets, cameras) hit the shelves. While leading companies such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook and others have all put their faith in this technology, non-expert users still face problems in the production of adequate content.

This workshop addresses content producers, including journalists, bloggers, You Tube vloggers and others as it demonstrates the possibilities, innovative developments, pitfalls, and the technical background of 360° documentation. It will emphasize easy usability and affordable price margins as well as the possible application in small teams or even for individuals. A presentation will show and explain the hardware and software involved, the current state of technical development, the specifics (advantages, disadvantages) of different productions, and exemplary VR films.

As journalistic reporting may well be influenced by this new technology, the presentation will also show how to employ these innovations in a competent and responsible manner. On the second day of the GMF, workshop participants will be invited to work on their own 360° productions. They can book various VR cameras for a limited time and edit their videos under instruction of the Grimme team: Get involved in the production of a virtual documentary from participants for participants! 



Annette Schneider - Head of Project, Grimme Institut, Germany

Sepideh Parsa - Project Manager Corporate Strategy, Deutsche Welle, Germany