The Threatening Volcano - Iceland′s Fear of Öræfajökull | DocFilm | DW | 23.05.2020
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The Threatening Volcano - Iceland's Fear of Öræfajökull

Öræfajökull is awakening. It could be the scene of Iceland's next major volcanic eruption. Experts are preparing for a potential catastrophe.

Watch video 26:06

The people living around the volcano are deeply concerned as magma builds up in its depths and minor earthquakes occur almost daily. Einar Guðmundsson holds a lot of records: the fastest crossing of the huge Vatnajökull ice field, the only ascent of several frozen waterfalls and climbing Öraefajökull and descending it on skis in four hours. We talk to Einar, who has scaled the volcano more than 300 times. And we meet worried locals and talk to researchers in the capital, Reykjavik, who think they have every cause to be concerned.

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