The start-up contest at the DW Global Media Forum 2021 | Global Media Forum | DW | 08.06.2021
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The start-up contest at the DW Global Media Forum 2021

The start-up contest @GMF presented by DW welcomes media start-ups from around the globe to pitch their ideas and business models. The event will take place on 14 - 15 June 2021 as part of this year's Global Media Forum.

The start-up contest supports outstanding ideas in the news and media industry

The start-up contest supports outstanding ideas in the news and media industry

The Global Media Forum is hosted by Deutsche Welle and its partners. This annual media conference offers a unique opportunity to its international participants to network and strengthen relationships with inspiring representatives from a variety of interdisciplinary fields such as digital media, politics, culture, business, development and society.

Startups and talent in media technology and innovation

Deutsche Welle welcomes start-ups from around the world to participate in the start-up contest @GMF. All interested start-ups were able to register until May 15, 2021.

We are looking for visionaries who can relate to the GMF 2021 theme of "Disruption and Innovation." You should be interested in or preferably already be working on innovations and trends concerning the following:

  • News intelligence - How can smart tools support work in the newsroom?
  • Diversity - How can AI perhaps help to increase awareness on #bias und #diversity? 
  • Internet censorship - How can we detect censorship and online shutdowns and create better mechanisms and safeguards to ensure freedom of speech?
  • Mission Impossible? - How can we ensure correct and proper political communication in an age of disruption? 
  • Propaganda and the infodemic - How can media companies fight misinformation and disinformation, and thus retain trust?

The 2021 framework

This year, the start-up contest @GMF will take place in a hybrid setting. The majority of the event will be produced at the DW broadcasting center in Bonn, Germany on June 14 and 15 and streamed live on digital platforms.

Symbolbild | Start-up Unternehmen

Dues to COVID-19 restrictions, the event will mostly take place digitally

After the initial application phase, Deutsche Welle will invite the most promising start-ups to first take part in our three-day incubation program, which is scheduled to take place digitally shortly before the Global Media Forum, i.e. for June 9 to 11. 

The incubation program includes three days of professional training and preparation for the final pitch in the run-up to the DW Global Media Forum. At the end of this period, the competing start-ups will pitch their projects and our high-level jury of international experts will select four start-ups that will enter the pitch final. 

The finalists of the start-up contest @GMF 2021 will then present their pitches live on our digital platforms as part of the official Global Media Forum program.The winners, who will be announced on June 15, will enjoy global media coverage by DW media as part of their prize. In addition, the winning start-up will also receive professional media training offered by Deutsche Welle Akademie. 

A conference for all

All start-ups – regardless of how far they make it in the race to the top – will also be welcome to participate as delegates at the DW Global Media Forum itself, where pertinent issues relating to media, technology, society, politics, culture and other areas are discussed in an interdisciplinary setting, featuring a wide array of outstanding speakers and panelists.

Depending on the content of the winner's project, a joint development process with DW after the pitch may be also possible further down the road. From the point of technology, Deutsche Welle is mainly interested in innovative approaches in the field of AI – particularly in Human Language Technologies. DW is actively looking for innovative approaches that help support the work of the journalists in the newsroom, and also for technologies that help to ensure freedom of speech and security on the internet.


15 May 2021  -  Application deadline
9 to 11 June 2021  -  Incubation Days
14 June 2021  -  Pitch Day (@GMF 2021)
15 June 2021  -  Winning Pitches @GMF 2021

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