The Quiz | Popxport | DW | 28.03.2015
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The Quiz

On every edition of PopXport, we show a segment of a video clip - and ask you about a very specific detail.

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The question this time around is:

Which German artist sang the original version of "Easy"?

a) Bro
b) Flo
c) Cro

The keyword is: Easy. Final Entries: 18. April 2015. All decisions are final. We're giving away CDs from Söhne Mannheims, Talking to Turtles, Milky Chance and a signed Album from Woods of Birnam!
The right answer to our quiz from 21. February 2015 was c) Alphaville. The winner is Rüdiger Müller from Hildesheim in Germany. Congratulations!