The Price of Poverty — Founders′ Valley (1/3) | Business| Economy and finance news from a German perspective | DW | 28.04.2020
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The Price of Poverty — Founders' Valley (1/3)

Children denied education, girls sold into brothels and elderly people left lonely and neglected. Poverty defines the lives of millions. Social Entrepreneurs are trying to break the cycle of poverty — by tackling human trafficking, poor education and isolation.

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When it comes to happiness, people's dreams are the same all over the world: a steady income, good health and opportunities for personal development are universal desires. But those who come from poor backgrounds barely have a chance.

Inequality starts in childhood. At what point is the course of someone’s life set? How can disadvantaged people guard against false promises? Who can they turn to for help?

We meet three founders of social ventures. They want to overcome barriers in society and are committed to creating more equal opportunities and fostering social justice. Poverty means not only a low income, but above all a lack of opportunities to shape one's own life and advance in society. Many do not succeed in this on their own, but need support.